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- bumb ...2009.05.09 02:50:00
- I coming back to eve, after a 6 months break and want to find a place in an corp and possibly a 0.0 ...2009.05.09 00:12:00
- dont ask me why, but I'm really trying to imagine Darth Vader, on the command bridge of the SSD, sea ...2008.02.29 06:56:00
- what about Sisters of EVE??? do they give storeline missions???? ...2007.05.14 05:05:00
- Thkx CCP, GMs, for a great work, don't mind the whinners ...2007.04.26 22:28:00
- thats what happens when you turn yor depth buffer off =D ...2007.04.25 00:40:00
- /signedI really think this will be the first time in Eve forum, that EVERYBODY will agree with a sug ...2007.04.13 03:54:00
- Boosters are usually an emergency device, so you probably want to fit the biggest charge, and when y ...2007.03.14 07:36:00
- picture??? ...2007.02.28 07:32:00
- Edited by: Yd Landark on 28/09/2006 17:31:35 If it ends up as what I think it'll be, then no it won ...2006.09.28 17:30:00
- if the chronicles are right, it would take you anything from 10 to 100 years to get from one system ...2006.09.20 13:06:00
- ok, I've done hundreds of missions and got dozens of storyline missions atm. I only do kill missio ...2006.08.26 04:31:00
- truncated content ...2006.07.18 17:24:00
- thks...(man... I really want a Concord battleship...) if I discover some way to scam the AI into i ...2006.05.31 10:58:00
- I know you can get faction ships bpc and assembled from agents, like the navy apoc, raven or the sa ...2006.05.31 10:38:00

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