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- Hi, yesterday I renewed this chars account by debit card with no problems.However when I tried to re ...2011.05.21 11:54:00
- Edited by: Yesh on 15/05/2011 09:51:53edit sorted thanks ...2011.05.14 14:43:00
- Dude, your face .... head and shoulders ...2010.10.03 19:09:00
- Awesome. I just got an STD and accused my girlfriend and got dumped. Not bad for two text messages ...2010.10.02 14:00:00
- I say please and thank you as a matter of course, but it seems to be a fading concept these, ...2010.09.25 17:35:00
- May be old, but this one always makes me chuckle ... Outstanding bill ...2010.09.17 10:24:00
- The inventor should take this on to Dragons Den.People would go crazy for one of these! ...2010.09.12 08:38:00
- I would like your stuff as I have cancelled my subs. Your stuff would purchase enough PLEX to allow ...2010.09.07 13:15:00
- You don't know vintage till you have used an acorn electron or the slightly superior BBC model B. O ...2010.09.03 17:38:00
- No one should have to endure or accept prejudice. People who say 'Harden the F**k up' are just moro ...2010.08.24 13:15:00
- Edited by: Yesh on 21/08/2010 17:56:00 Was going to type lots of stuff, but I'm just reeling. What ...2010.08.21 17:53:00
- Pouring aid on a failed state, which possesses nuclear weapons, whose intelligence service has been ...2010.08.20 14:38:00
- Heyyyy I've cancelled my subs too!But I will leave with a happy aura and fond memories of a game tha ...2010.08.06 11:07:00
- For summer I suggest a floppy 'fishermans hat' or 'early madchester bez hat'For winter any beeny wil ...2010.07.31 19:32:00
- If one person posts his personal information and everybody finds out, then there is a scandal, but w ...2010.07.26 18:29:00

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