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- Too little, too late. CCP hasn't fixed the exploiters, the unbalanced missions, the unbalanced occup ...2011.09.01 03:36:00
- what are you talking about establishments were said to be coming later THIS year, in a very recent d ...2011.08.30 19:01:00
- Who will be stepping into the leadership role in his place? My vote - had I a say in this matter - w ...2011.08.27 01:19:00
- We did not provide a date on when the racial CQs would be released outside of saying this summer. An ...2011.08.20 10:47:00
- Incarna 1.1 will see the results of our progress on improving the existing CQ, and later this year w ...2011.08.19 11:30:00
- and now the Intaki are poised to secede as well.This utterly incorrect assumption makes the rest of ...2011.08.17 19:24:00
- There appears to be good news on the front for wormholes... according to CCP Greyscale:Yeah, one of ...2011.08.17 19:06:00
- I believe I read somewhere that the new CQ's will be going straight to TQ, and not actually going on ...2011.08.17 12:39:00
- Mister Octirant, you seem somewhat determined to pettily bully captain Ixiris, there.Oh, don't worry ...2011.08.17 12:36:00
- Hyperbole, General. It's another one of those techniques your education missed.You keep using these ...2011.08.16 15:25:00
- “purge this blight from Placid so to open the door to true Caldari conquest.”Nice to see Caldari mag ...2011.08.16 15:22:00
- Ah, upward mobility, the Gallente Dream in action! This, if nothing else, warms my heart. Keep makin ...2011.08.16 12:17:00
- Wait, people still care about the Sansha's Nation? ...2011.08.16 11:10:00
- Your invective needs work. Talk to Keating, he should be able to give you a crash course. There is t ...2011.08.16 11:05:00
- Well, if we want to get technical, it's comic incongruity. I'm using it as a satirical device to moc ...2011.08.16 10:24:00

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