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- While missioning in a 7 launcher equipped Drake, with 3 of the launches FoF enabled, while being a ...2011.07.24 19:55:00
- I wouldn't go into a wormhole without ecm drones in a drone ship.If your drones are getting killed a ...2011.07.18 22:24:00
- ok, thanks for the tips. I'll look into the triggers. I did have one of the recommended loadouts fro ...2011.07.15 19:52:00
- With The Blockade you can use 'warp to 100km' from different directions (e.g. warp to a different pl ...2011.07.15 19:41:00
- It depends quite a lot on how many science slots your characters can make use of. If you only have ...2011.07.15 19:30:00
- It's even more ******ed if you say no... One of the options is 'I plan to keep playing Eve with sha ...2011.07.09 13:27:00
- The progression paths are roughly: 1) High sec incursions, but you'll need to find a fleet and fit ...2011.06.26 09:48:00
- so... for 3 years i been playing.. on various machines... my desktops... to my laptops... depending ...2011.06.24 05:33:00
- This may be intentional, but it appears that the exploding pleasure hub in 'Damsel in distress' is n ...2011.06.22 22:10:00
- Client wont launch as my graphics card is no longer supported.All these years and finally griefed ou ...2011.06.22 00:40:00
- The only mission that gives my Tengus any trouble is Silence The Informant, due to the swarm of we ...2011.06.21 22:54:00
- Outbreak clearly should of won if they just had kept fighting like they did first 3 minOutbreak was ...2011.06.20 10:38:00
- Such an amazing amount of dedication and months of work. Scheming and plotting leading to victories ...2011.06.20 09:24:00
- What happened was that Hydra and Outbreak, who had practiced together and regarded themselves as one ...2011.06.20 04:42:00
- Outbreak ...2011.06.19 20:52:00

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