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- I fixed this problem with a new mouse. ...2009.12.17 04:07:00
- Seems like the goons are coming out of the wood work now. Well, yeah. Posting is what we do. Duh. ...2009.10.15 01:30:00
- CCP has been hinting at 'Jove' since 2005... wouldn't get ur hopes upPersonally i hope we never ever ...2009.10.04 03:01:00
- It's about goddamn time! I hate GoonSwarm so much! ...2009.10.03 13:43:00
- Has anybody in Finfleet called the police about it yet? ...2009.08.18 22:33:00
- This thread is simply not true. I payed my 500 mil isk and gladly had my assets moved to goonspace ...2009.08.06 18:36:00
- If you want to join GS you have to pay RL money its its that simple.If they scam you for RL money it ...2009.08.06 18:20:00
- Edited by: CaptainAttitude on 06/08/2009 17:46:53 Edited by: CaptainAttitude on 06/08/2009 17:45:29 ...2009.08.06 17:44:00
- Goonfleet has never hidden the fact that we don't open recruit. It's in our corp description for sw ...2009.08.06 15:18:00
- Ever since the goons joined eve "honour" left it.coad was seriouse once. people matterd and payed r ...2009.08.06 15:14:00
- I wonder how many of the people who claim 'My character did that, I didn't.' are the same ones who s ...2009.08.05 22:51:00
- Threads like this one are the reason I play eve. Keep up the good fight in this video game Big Gulp ...2009.08.05 14:22:00
- Edited by: CaptainAttitude on 04/08/2009 19:48:10 "Have you ever played a pokemon game? If not, the ...2009.08.04 19:36:00
- That was my birthday! ...2009.07.20 17:08:00
- so a guy on the internet said something and that was reason for the FBI to raid his house?Erm wait w ...2009.07.19 16:40:00

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