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- Edited by: YorikR32 on 10/02/2010 15:26:07 Edited by: YorikR32 on 10/02/2010 15:25:43 This venture ...2010.02.10 15:25:00
- 100 shares received.Thanks Bobby. ...2009.09.19 13:52:00
- Good thing I removed most of my ISK from eBank a while back.. ...2009.08.26 13:26:00
- Enough to replenish my ships and buy into investments as they appear. I'm no industrialist, trader o ...2009.08.25 15:47:00
- I'd like to give a different view point. For some it sure is easy to "make" 5 Million a week, but th ...2009.08.25 15:41:00
- Confirming full repayment, including interest before maturity date..Very happy to have done business ...2009.08.24 12:18:00
- If you are on this list send your isk to Titans 4U now!25 - YorikR3250 - YorikR3275 Million Isk sent ...2009.08.24 12:13:00
- I'd like to invest a further 50M in this IPO please.My investment summary: (for your reference) 25M ...2009.08.18 11:22:00
- Confirming the receipt of my dividend payment. I like this very much. ...2009.08.16 14:54:00
- Confirming receipt of dividend payout. ...2009.08.16 08:03:00
- If you are new and you want people to buy in, then do as mentioned above and then drop your minimum ...2009.08.13 10:32:00
- Obvious troll is.... well... obvious! ...2009.08.13 10:31:00
- Confirming that 50 Million ISK was sent to Nemi Lethal for my reservation in this Bond.Sorry, I didn ...2009.08.12 14:01:00
- As per in game mail and my previous offer, 25M sent for 10% payback on or before 1st Sept. Total pac ...2009.08.12 13:51:00
- I mostly scan these forums at work, so you might not see me online.Well as you are starting out, rea ...2009.08.11 14:37:00

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