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- I just whish there would be anyone here that is smart enuff to understand the question, mature enuff ...2011.06.27 06:54:00
- Okay, I read somewhere a few days ago about a supposed petition to suspend accounts for people tha ...2011.06.24 13:39:00
- I have just got back in game after half a year's break and looking at my pvp options. I tried FW b ...2011.05.20 01:12:00
- BATPHONE THE GOVENORRRRRRDue to budget cuts here in California, the batphone has been disconnected. ...2010.07.08 11:20:00
- Hey, just reporting here that I have been getting kicked constantly. I have a friend in game that ...2010.07.08 09:33:00
- Is this thread a troll? Maybe, but I am sure there are people that actually have found themselves ...2009.11.10 04:29:00
- OMG OMG NO ONE CAN SHOOT ME, I WIN EVEPVP!!! SOO INTENSE1111!!!111! Dude, are you playing EVE by ...2009.09.06 13:54:00
- My and my buddies are going out next week, Obv we will be getting very drunk.We are thinking of rent ...2009.08.27 00:48:00
- Edited by: Joe on 22/08/2009 01:55:36 Editted for external linkyBecause this crap is being viewed b ...2009.08.26 12:06:00
- I for one hail our new Wii sextoy overlords. Maybe it will keep some of these morons posting about ...2009.08.26 12:04:00
- With the abundance of aviable information on Dust and only so few threads about this topic, I, too a ...2009.08.26 12:02:00
- ok watching interview and heard that it was a secret that someone could figure out anyone figured it ...2009.08.26 12:01:00
- Edited by: Chaosgabe TWC on 25/08/2009 17:53:31 I donīt want to derail this thread, but atm PlanetS ...2009.08.26 11:58:00
- Edited by: Joe Skellington on 24/08/2009 15:10:29 letting the more impatient younger crowd play th ...2009.08.26 11:44:00
- it has always been like that. more money = more power. in real live and in eve.but the current sov s ...2009.08.25 05:09:00

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