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- Gtir hjlpa mr? Gtir hjlpa mr? This is Tango Five. Do you copy Tango Leader? My systems ...2008.02.20 10:58:00
- If you want me not to judge you on the things your ancestors did, I ask you the same. Many of the ol ...2008.02.15 17:54:00
- The difference, Mrs. Jenneth, is that neither collectivism, individualism or tribalism are causing p ...2008.02.15 14:46:00
- This is how the new CEO represents the so-called enlightened ? What an honourable choice you have ma ...2008.02.13 13:23:00
- Whenever I hear an Amarr talk about acting in defense I have to think about the peaceful Matari worl ...2008.02.11 20:40:00
- You believe the official Amarr propaganda more than eye whitnesses who have experienced the horrors ...2008.02.10 20:46:00
- Are you honestly calling us monsters and warmongers because we fight for our people? What world do y ...2008.02.10 20:17:00
- Good luck EM. Let the tribal banners fly high. The only respect you will earn is on the battlefield, ...2008.02.08 13:35:00
- You'd like to discuss who invaded whose homes? ...2008.02.08 13:28:00
- You think that fighting for the freedom of our brothers who are held slaves in the Amarr Empire woul ...2008.02.08 13:26:00
- May sound absurd but I congratulate on the advancement in crew reduction. Less enslaved brothers wil ...2008.02.06 19:26:00
- Freedom of Arts. ...2008.02.05 21:42:00
- Edited by: Kabajashi San on 05/02/2008 13:55:34 ...2008.02.05 10:08:00
- A man wiser than me once said: No one is free when others are oppressed.Think about some time, Stitc ...2008.02.04 20:59:00
- Easy there, fellow, I'm more than willing to defend my honour when you call me a coward. Maybe you w ...2008.01.31 08:09:00

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