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- I once got dced, there was over one thousand goons, can you come take control of meh corp and stop t ...2010.08.27 22:57:00
- Is that guy a midget? ...2010.08.27 22:54:00
- Edited by: mafish on 20/08/2010 10:28:31 Oh that right, i'm a goon alt posting on coad cause i'm th ...2010.08.20 10:22:00
- Your accusation is heartbreaking. Lets do a little roleplay here to aid the fine readers of coad. Yo ...2010.08.20 10:13:00
- Since when is 200mil threadworthy these days? :<lol good point, can you imagine how desperate they m ...2010.08.20 09:58:00
- Edited by: Princess Leonesse on 20/08/2010 09:40:22I am shocked and saddened.My feelings exactly whe ...2010.08.20 09:53:00
- Edited by: mafish on 06/08/2010 23:19:23 Theres a rumour we're still recruiting, seriously, whisper ...2010.08.06 23:19:00
- If you wish to talk about recruitment, I am by far the best person to ask so please, convo me in gam ...2010.08.05 23:06:00
- 10 tickets, also, i hate you. ...2010.07.15 00:15:00
- So, i've not played around with admin in killboards, but 99% of corps in eve have the figures wrong, ...2010.03.19 05:52:00
- Awesome lottery, Lend me a bil to buy tickets. ...2010.03.12 20:29:00
- Welcome back lifewire and all the other tdg nubbers, its been a while, apparently ALOT of old player ...2010.02.26 00:20:00
- wow and eve are completely different, you can't compare them, neither is better. Get over it already ...2005.04.11 18:50:00
- i always love the "i am leaving eve" if you were leaving eve why would you see your ships just cance ...2005.04.04 18:51:00
- pyrotesea was the first and only to pod me back when i was 1 month old my reaper got killed i warped ...2005.03.23 01:13:00

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