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- Raze was a good man. The galaxy will be a lesser place without him. ...2011.09.01 17:15:00
- Your decision does not surprise me Nausea. I commend your choice and wish you the best of luck. Just ...2011.07.15 17:49:00
- Makes me think of part of an old poem I read once."Through the travail of the ages,Midst the pomp an ...2011.07.14 09:53:00
- The Nation grows as we speak. What failure you see in this?You are dissapointed the Master has not ...2011.07.01 23:31:00
- Congratulations Nausea! ...2011.06.27 00:17:00
- Add one more to the list. ...2011.06.25 19:08:00
- Eenie, meanie, myni, moe. Catch a slave houd by the toe. If he hollers punch him in the nose. Eenie, ...2011.06.22 20:46:00
- I don't spend much time in my quarters. They are very... boring. So here's a pic of me in my hangar. ...2011.06.22 04:44:00
- Johlie turns around with an open bottle of vodka in her hand and spots the camera drone. She winks, ...2011.06.20 22:57:00
- am I here? After hearing rumors about the ...2011.06.06 19:45:00
- My parents used to say, "Johlie its better to die on your feet than live on your knees," They're dif ...2011.05.29 18:17:00
- I believe you are confused. There was no capitulation, just compromise.No. Those two words have th ...2010.12.13 19:29:00
- So aside from the diplo-speak, whom is capitulating to whom here?I believe you are confused. There ...2010.12.13 19:19:00
- I'm glad to see that our two Alliances could find mutual respect and understanding. I look forward t ...2010.12.13 17:59:00
- Only a fool would believe that The Nation hasn't compromised CONCORD and Empire security. Although t ...2010.12.10 19:36:00

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