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- nearly 100 views and only one response to what punishment is appropriate. Anyone feel any differentl ...2008.06.18 17:06:00
- Thanks thats just what i was looking for. Seems like gal fraction is doing horrible. If i join the ...2008.06.11 19:12:00
- Edited by: Gwenvahar on 11/06/2008 18:59:18 I like the concept of a dedicated salvager profession. ...2008.06.11 18:57:00
- Edited by: Gwenvahar on 11/06/2008 18:45:08 No the Gallente are doing crap. Second largest populati ...2008.06.11 18:45:00
- As posted in an otehr thread, these are the numbers from this afternoon...showing what you can call ...2008.06.11 18:31:00
- First person to develop a client based mod to turn the Helios back into the Helios gets a cookie and ...2008.06.11 18:22:00
- I completely agree, I can not understand why this change was made.. I expect these ship types to be ...2008.06.11 18:13:00
- I'm so huge that I live in Georgia and Florida at the same time!Quit stealing our water! ...2008.06.11 17:32:00
- Goal Setting is something I take great pride in. However available goals are defined by the environm ...2008.06.11 17:21:00
- I play from Atlanta, Ga. Not what you asked for but just 1 state over.. ...2008.06.11 17:10:00
- The 24 hour delay only affects pilots in corps who have a 'Role' in their old corp..The info links o ...2008.06.11 17:08:00
- Edited by: Gwenvahar on 11/06/2008 17:05:53 Oh theres several reasons.. Griefing : Killing in the n ...2008.06.11 17:06:00

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