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- The Sacrilege has a huge cargobay (as all T2 Missile Ships do) so it can burn through 800 charges li ...2009.11.01 14:45:00
- Buffer tank it, perfect for heavy tackle and baiting, still does decent DPS to (350ish). ...2009.10.24 00:55:00
- Nice vid man.You guys leave kessah alone to, not his fault he loves swinging from our nuts. ...2009.10.18 20:24:00
- Most of those fits are throwbacks to the days when lasers were not a very desirable weapon. If you h ...2009.10.08 04:47:00
- As a little update, I'll say A for effort to the Noir frig gang I ran into on the way back. Chased m ...2009.10.05 23:40:00
- Have to wait 5 min for the rest. Love it. So at this point we’re about 1.5 hours into this, we deci ...2009.10.03 16:33:00
- This is my first write-up, so bare with me. So there we all are, hanging about Tama lowsec, doing di ...2009.10.03 16:25:00
- indeed ... but as BYDI joined gals via alts.....Contrary to popular Caldari belief, all FW alliance ...2009.09.26 15:44:00
- Fail Apple is Fail. ...2009.09.21 05:14:00
- Not even gonna get into all this EFT warrior BS, but I'm fully speced in both Gal and Amarr, I fly A ...2009.09.13 16:49:00
- Scorch M and L are way over the top imo. Especially considering the tracking. Medium get 20 someth ...2009.09.13 15:03:00
- I have a bug report from about 6-8 months ago stating that hidden timers are indeed a bug. Specifica ...2009.09.12 15:21:00
- /signedNot only applies to the OPs situation, but many times in general PvP you need constant update ...2009.08.21 22:10:00
- When I pilot my Levi's I typically go with 501's or relaxed fit, just for the comfort factor. ...2009.08.09 15:19:00
- (and if HAM fit, it can't beat out a T1 Drake). WTB Drake with either a 3000+DPS active tank or a 1M ...2009.08.06 20:05:00

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