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- Great list thanks! ...2010.10.19 15:01:00
- Just a quick hello. I was not subbed since February or so. I've re-subbed today and will ease back i ...2010.10.19 03:22:00
- Also, please understand that I invented this mining system from scratch (hence the arrogant and devi ...2010.03.27 18:02:00
- If you wish to see Mining Buddy in action, head here: Login: demo P ...2010.03.27 17:49:00
- See this magnificent thread on our forums for more details on how we proceeded. ...2010.03.26 15:23:00
- This is how it worked in my corp:2. CorporationLSJV is an industry focused corporation with a small ...2010.03.26 15:22:00
- My filing cabinet has one thick file dedicated to EVE with a lot of maps and notes.If you are going ...2010.03.25 23:05:00
- Thankfully I can tell people to STFU if they annoy or disrespect me because I'm a carebear, and as s ...2010.03.25 03:56:00
- I would strongly advise against mining solo in low-sec. You will die for sure, and the time it takes ...2010.03.23 22:47:00
- An industrial backbone is quite literally an industry infrastructure that represents the pillars of ...2010.03.23 22:42:00
- I never win in these things, but I had multiple orgasms for the first time yesterday, so maybe my lu ...2010.03.20 20:37:00
- I'm not too savvy when it comes to coding scripts... I can design websites in CSS/HTML/XHTML really ...2010.03.18 03:46:00
- I've moved the guide to its own website since now that I have disbanded my corporation Ill have all ...2010.03.15 23:23:00
- Well, I'm writing a book (sci-fi/fantasy fiction) and I'm agenting it at the moment. If it gets pick ...2010.02.03 04:28:00
- At Exhumer 5 the Skiff is the best choice by far. At Exhumer 4, it depends of your other skills.Take ...2010.02.02 00:48:00

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