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- Decided to leave aaa in my drunken state got too many complaints with them. However 80+mil sp capit ...2011.08.20 03:26:00
- Edited by: Smog890 on 10/07/2011 20:07:26 convo or mail me in game if you have offers I can do it a ...2011.07.10 19:46:00
- Badly made pictures.Image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4I did not spend much thought or time on these ...2011.06.24 23:27:00
- this is the worst thing ever in eve lol and i cant exchange isk for aur why the **** now god damn i' ...2011.06.21 23:28:00
- so one plex for 15$ buys a pair of pants? Thats like 300mil isk for a pair of god damn pants. Wors ...2011.06.21 23:26:00
- updated now with best myrm tank ever seen! ...2011.01.30 22:30:00
- more updates have arrived! ...2011.01.28 03:26:00
- Updated again with a new new new look! Also thanks for the submissions again everyone! Keep on sub ...2011.01.24 06:33:00
- updated once again. ...2011.01.22 23:15:00
- and updated again sooo tired i'm going to bed :} ...2011.01.20 03:22:00
- Updated again everyone. Now with the most LOL Fit navy mega I have seen check it out! ...2011.01.17 04:43:00
- Hey ALL. I'm back and its updated again LOL FIT Haters be sad :{ and also thanks to those who subm ...2011.01.16 02:27:00
- Nice to see you holding up Smog, been a while since we last spoke.Your site looks like it was design ...2011.01.08 07:20:00
- Updated again! Thanks again to those who submitted :} and LOL on all you LOL FIT Haters you make me ...2011.01.07 00:59:00
- Updated once again! Thanks everyone for submitting LOL Fits keep on submitting them :} ...2011.01.04 00:06:00

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