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- Have your 2nd train for a Domi and you can have both BS DPS and remote reps --R ...2010.08.21 03:15:00
- Set your drones to 'Guard' the ship tanking. They will auto onto anything attacking it.--R ...2010.05.01 17:22:00
- Omni will help you more. Webbers can hurt your drone dps since the transversal will go up.--R ...2010.04.19 15:52:00
- The WarDec does not bother me, I am just wonder what his angle is. The CEO is an alt of someone else ...2010.04.15 16:27:00
- So me a few friends are taking a break from 0.0 life and we get war dec by a 1 man corp. The CEO is ...2010.04.15 15:39:00
- You could do missions for a related faction if they are not also too low. Raising SoE or Minmatar wi ...2010.04.01 19:44:00
- Edited by: Rannoc on 01/04/2010 19:37:01 If you want to switch it up you could do a Sentry Domi. Us ...2010.04.01 19:36:00
- How about Large Armor Repairer II Armor Thermic Hardener II Armor EM Hardener II Armor EM Harden ...2009.06.24 19:00:00
- For level 1 missions you really should stick to a frig. As you already know most of the gates limit ...2009.06.15 14:58:00
- I have a Paladin + Domi duo. Deploy sentry drones to assist the Paladin. Paladin tractors the wrecks ...2009.05.06 04:37:00
- Something I found while playing with shapes. I used to use the Tetrahedral all the time and would ne ...2009.05.02 16:39:00
- Golem + DomiI use Garde 2's to assist the Golem and the Golem to tractor everything in for the Domi ...2009.04.26 06:24:00
- I seen this before and found it has to do with your bubble placement. when you run into this, shift ...2009.04.24 23:11:00
- I do not think EVE supports PhysX. So instead try enabling SLI Antialiasing. There is a SLI profile ...2009.04.24 05:01:00
- Helpful info: Gallente are more of an armor tanker then shield, although most Gallente ships can pul ...2009.04.22 05:54:00

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