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- :thumbs up: ...2010.04.14 03:33:00
- 1 ticket ...2009.07.28 19:57:00
- RIP Buddy ...2009.06.16 00:46:00
- Thanks guys. I know I've used that site to update before but I couldn't find the links to save my li ...2009.06.12 18:27:00
- So I haven't logged into sisi for a bit, and of course I'm greeted by the incompatible build message ...2009.06.12 08:25:00
- Just a suggestion...With the increasing number of piloted titans and destroyed titans and the rather ...2009.05.29 18:33:00
- Hmmph, I guess you're right Nice little coincidence I suppose.What CCP is calling the latest TQ to S ...2009.05.27 07:53:00
- So... how did changing your shortcut target help you download the TQ -> SiSi patch off the website?J ...2009.05.27 03:59:00
- Fly a Punisher. If you fly and fit it right, you can fight ships outside your weight class and survi ...2009.05.23 21:32:00
- Edited by: Rilwar on 21/05/2009 23:13:03This is a loaded troll question. Since anything other than m ...2009.05.22 00:09:00
- Well as always is the case in Eve, it depends on your situation.A lot of the pirates fit active tank ...2009.05.22 00:08:00
- 03:32:04 Notify Traffic Advisory: Officials have closed the stargates and undocking ramps in J12145 ...2009.05.21 03:35:00
- This thread is totally worth it for the CO2 guy going emo. Want moar.Cmon Mav, you know MH's rule ab ...2009.05.18 05:51:00
- This thread is totally worth it for the CO2 guy going emo. Want moar. ...2009.05.18 04:35:00
- Can anyone who have posted in here say that moving DT 2-3 hours earlier would negatively affect th ...2009.05.14 03:59:00

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