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- Sad to see this, This is a great guy and a Great pilot.Best of luck to you, And i'm sure you'll make ...2011.06.27 04:18:00
- Rumours of your excessive cross dressing and utter lack of win have been grossly overstated.I'll not ...2011.06.15 03:26:00
- Edited by: K''Bar on 10/06/2011 12:22:00 This doesn't have anything to do with you guys losing your ...2011.06.10 16:53:00
- Edited by: Edna Sputum on 10/06/2011 06:54:18 Get Off My Lawn Celebrated its 2nd Birthday in Eve wa ...2011.06.10 06:54:00
- We've already arranged with Tomcat, WI is bringing Smart Bombing Frigates, and Lawn will be bringi ...2011.06.10 06:06:00
- Most likely Raiden. will cloak up until we start ratting then just before the clock runs out they ho ...2011.05.26 05:17:00
- Every Nullsec corp and alliance is anti pirate.Except the pro pirate ones You can tell the pro pri ...2011.04.18 17:37:00
- Pile of Dog Poop sounds great in latin, "Congeries of canis humus" and does have meaning but doe ...2011.04.18 17:11:00
- Lots of Good fights available, in several regions of space at the moment for those not looking to ha ...2011.03.11 00:27:00
- Good bunch of folks here! with a good FC or two. ...2011.03.11 00:24:00
- It's fridayWe are currently offering Free T1 Cruisers as a signing bonus ifyour alliance sollapsed t ...2010.07.09 20:04:00
- Too bad Namof is AFK and can't see this thread. ...2010.07.08 17:33:00
- Can't wait foryou to cut a demo :) ...2010.07.08 15:29:00
- I am not convinced that hardwirings and mega ammo played that large a role in fights, but its easy e ...2010.06.22 20:27:00
- *snip* Insult removed. Words can hurt, y'know? Shadow. LOL. what he means to say is flagships ...2010.06.19 20:51:00

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