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- dont play any more but cant wait for this ...2011.01.28 00:38:00
- friendly bump ...2010.05.23 00:35:00
- friendly bump gogogo noobs ...2010.05.13 00:18:00
- STAN GET IN THE CAR!!!That was our latest alliance mail. dastommy you trying to hard and like the a ...2010.05.01 01:12:00
- RIP ...2010.04.19 20:24:00
- HEY NC, WELCOME TO THE NORTH YOyou did win so make a dance and stand on your head look at your self ...2010.04.18 00:16:00
- nobody gives a **** about it winning or not it is al about them napping 99% of eve just to win it ...2010.04.17 00:25:00
- Edited by: Metal Dude on 15/04/2010 22:42:45 ... Hey look, its the new RISE. Get ready for a pep t ...2010.04.16 00:33:00
- there is no diference goons didnt fly there and it isnt also they are allaince made of air only bi ...2010.02.07 02:37:00
- in 2 weeks all of you will be here in this forum talking about it and how the sheat and and how the ...2010.02.06 01:47:00
- i think its hilarious that the NC think we give a flying fark about them stations lol! enjoy your "v ...2010.02.01 01:05:00
- huh you only did bring 1354 pffff shame on you bring 5000 next time and whe will talk ...2010.01.29 01:19:00
- and so the same **** like a year ago this is wat eve needs lets bring back ascn and eve is reborn ...2010.01.26 17:30:00
- tip bring more people **** the server and wine about it ...2010.01.25 01:14:00
- stop posting you want 100000000000 ziljoen in one sys and no lag please go play something else ...2010.01.17 03:29:00

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