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- Edited by: Culmen on 20/07/2011 06:26:10 You know what EVE needs. The ability to order stuff in th ...2011.07.20 07:34:00
- The current system of this just makes for monopoly blocks and power brokering... new players can eit ...2011.07.14 01:27:00
- Scanning in 0.0 I still use 4 probes, skills at 4, and no scanning rigs on my buzzard. Once i've nee ...2011.07.06 10:21:00
- Edited by: Xilian on 06/07/2011 10:18:10 Edited by: Xilian on 06/07/2011 10:17:25 Edited by: Xilia ...2011.07.06 10:16:00
- Huge thumbs up for this one! Great approach Avid! ...2011.06.27 18:48:00
- Crap ...2011.06.23 14:45:00
- Edited by: Xilian on 23/06/2011 12:11:23 Now that CCP made it possible to spend real money to buy v ...2011.06.23 12:11:00
- Best idea is to actually get the phone numbers of your corp mates you want to talk too. Sign up for ...2011.06.23 12:03:00
- The only problem I've noticed with the probes is with the Alt 'Centering' option. Every once in a wh ...2011.06.13 14:58:00
- You may have them sorted by duration ("expires in" column) i guess. I have no issues at all.Man i su ...2011.06.13 14:52:00
- THat one i havent noticed. This happens the second i launch them ...2011.06.13 12:36:00
- So after one of the recent update/patches, every time i launch my probes, they keep switching place ...2011.06.13 09:11:00
- Havde done the serpentis prison camp a few times. finished the tower with a Tengu and a Drake.. took ...2011.06.08 07:33:00
- Edited by: Xilian on 07/06/2011 22:03:13 I doubt you have failed this hard, but just to be 100% sur ...2011.06.07 22:03:00
- hey så jeg har nu spillet eve i lidt over en måned og har spilled i en mega fin corp men føler mig ...2011.05.30 10:31:00

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