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- I want a Rorqual that I can use as a primary vessel. Stupid lowsec requirement on capitals :c ...2011.01.23 07:24:00
- Why would you want to stick to space that's made out of rooms and doors?You're talking about comp ...2011.01.20 10:54:00
- Transport your cargo in a bigger ship. ...2011.01.20 10:40:00
- I liked this idea the last time it came up. I fully support this. I don't see why it can't be applie ...2011.01.20 10:37:00
- The ability to acclerate past the speed of light within a second or two is already unrealistics. An ...2011.01.20 10:35:00
- 2. "Undo" function added to any actions while modifying the character so that quick reverts would be ...2011.01.19 08:31:00
- I would say do this for both, tho getting out of warp would be a good start. Always loved the movie ...2011.01.19 08:27:00
- I don't remember if bumping is not allowed, but here goes. Bump!Any comments? ...2011.01.18 10:57:00
- I however I want instant warp speed up too The problem with this is that many pilots will attempt t ...2011.01.18 10:52:00
- The point of this whole brainstorming must be to lift the restrictions on travel and increase the su ...2011.01.18 10:44:00
- Removing stargates could be done well if some precautions were taken.First, there needs to be a set ...2011.01.17 23:02:00
- Adding skill management to EVE Gate would be my favorite thing ever.Right now I use my tablet to rem ...2011.01.17 22:31:00
- In a recent video made by EVE developers, a star gate was shown with ships warping to it. They demon ...2011.01.17 22:28:00
- When I started playing EVE a very long time ago, there was an additional value in ship descriptions ...2011.01.17 22:17:00

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