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- You guys totally skipped Zombie Penguin back there!he looks more at home in LOTR than in EVE stil ...2011.01.30 18:19:00
- A freaky 8/10 Those looks are going to scare the newbies away brother matar 8.5/10 ...2011.01.30 18:17:00
- jenny sadly you not real 8/10just to kill all the whines that we vherokiors look too asian here ...2011.01.30 15:22:00
- GEEZ you EFT warriors do make me laugh each time, you really expect tha that 1 % extra resist or ...2011.01.16 16:30:00
- the arera ahala triangle in domain -amarr, my corp eventually moved ut of there because of the macr ...2011.01.02 21:07:00
- Come back again once you realized the difference between shooting and salvaging in one go (marauders ...2010.12.20 12:09:00
- I Will never part with my trusty salvage comorant ,she has been with me since the first week i start ...2010.12.01 08:01:00
- none only 2new sets of subsystems for the current line of strategic cruisers One set to turn the s ...2010.11.10 10:49:00
- Not about ships just drones something been bothering me for a while. why are harvester mining dr ...2010.11.09 20:18:00
- Edited by: sasabor on 05/11/2010 11:28:42 there is way to much difference in ways to earn money in ...2010.11.05 11:19:00
- trick is to do the same as you do a sansha blockade mission, what i do is fly straight at the elite ...2010.11.03 13:07:00
- All of them have some good lookjing ship hard to make a choice, what i am do certain about is that ...2010.11.02 15:46:00
- Just want to let you know your guide helped me alot repairing my gallente and minmatar standing, wh ...2010.10.29 10:28:00
- But that is just the whole point of the game, it is not everyday you can act as evil dictator Bes ...2010.10.27 11:15:00
- Edited by: sasabor on 18/10/2010 15:41:18 Edited by: sasabor on 18/10/2010 15:25:26 Last few week ...2010.10.18 15:24:00

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