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- Thanks for the replies, I'll be checking my IG mail this afternoon.Also, bump. ...2009.09.24 18:48:00
- Hello,I'm just coming back from a long haitus, I'm looking for a 0.0 industrial / PVP corp. With the ...2009.09.23 18:20:00
- Geeze Monty. I bet you have Jump Freighter and Freighter to V too!Not on Monty I don't. Those skills ...2009.03.05 06:13:00
- Hollar if you need a hand testing stuff.I am probably one of the few with Cap Industrial 5. Almost I ...2009.03.03 23:00:00
- Selling a Rorqual, a whole ton of fuel and a bunch of fittings. A full travel fit, a full non-travel ...2008.11.29 18:23:00
- No QEN ? Thats sad. ...2008.11.28 01:44:00
- Interesting.Its good, it could use a larger corp hangar array, but its real good. ...2008.10.23 15:26:00
- I've been out of game fora while :~)Because of the compression time on the Ice Compression BP's it ...2008.08.14 14:54:00
- Did they ever fix the problem with the Rorqual and Ice Compression ? ...2008.08.14 00:34:00
- Looking to sell a Rorqual in Lonetrek region close to Jita. Price 1.63b and comes with 15k isotopes. ...2008.08.14 00:09:00
- Try again Kixkahn ? Its now showing any availabe ? ...2008.06.21 20:24:00
- Just bear with the change for a while and I think people will be really happy. A lot of thought went ...2008.04.18 03:44:00
- In the end I basically view it as people saying "I get fun by denying it to other people. They have ...2008.02.29 02:22:00
- God bless your ugly, ugly Brutor face.Edited by: Montaire on 21/02/2008 20:18:41 I think we've all ...2008.02.25 13:48:00
- The Rorqual has a pretty formidable defense. Pretty spacious drone bay, +20% per level to damage.A ...2008.02.24 06:51:00

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