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- Edited by: Casod Sutherland on 20/09/2010 06:08:33 Also none of these points are about "running at ...2010.09.20 09:47:00
- Please read you post, before you "post" them.. Dont make errors like, oh the irony ...2010.09.17 17:31:00
- I am the biggest carebear going but everything you've said is working precisely as intended, 0.0 is ...2010.09.17 17:18:00
- how about FW, everyone who signs up by default expects to get blown up (or Red vs Blue) and there is ...2010.09.13 22:31:00
- IIRC this is petionable, as happenend to me a few times and the agent got reset, ymmv though ...2010.09.13 11:10:00
- Edited by: Sagesse on 11/09/2010 16:02:37 BG1 is great, has a couple of good expansions and there i ...2010.09.11 16:02:00
- Dagan's actually not that easy for new pilots...My roommate banged his head against him for 2 or 3 w ...2010.09.11 10:07:00
- Hack a security system- maybe the docking bay for an impounded ship, maybe a laboratory door lock ...2010.09.11 10:02:00
- Edited by: Gavin Darklighter on 03/09/2010 00:33:35 I think all current lvl1-5 agents should only b ...2010.09.11 09:58:00
- sensor booster or a two man gang, and set drones for aggressive and spam targets until you can get t ...2010.09.10 18:16:00
- to make use of all the skills I've learned rather than just the narrow set I use now (so, do more st ...2010.09.08 08:04:00
- pretty sure I have been podded by the OP in Placid so I'll assume these fits are well used and good, ...2010.09.06 14:40:00
- I think playtime is somewhat irrelevant all round.I do think you need ot actually stop and just list ...2010.09.06 14:35:00
- For the LP store, I think you'd set yourself a hideously complex task if you actually want to track ...2010.09.05 07:41:00
- yeah, the other thing is unless you have excellent gunnery skills swap Hyp for Domi, the Gallante mi ...2010.09.05 06:33:00

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