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- PPS: LAST QUIT THREAD ON GD! Probably not, new forums are coming today but old forums will stay ope ...2011.09.05 13:57:00
- Edited by: Culmen on 05/09/2011 14:13:46 Well folks, It's been almost 6 years. And I can say I hav ...2011.09.05 08:35:00
- Good Lord the final boss fight was anti-climactic!SPOILER WARNING: Three turrets?!?! That's it?!?! ...2011.09.02 15:46:00
- This thread is now officially about how many bad "Head" puns can be fit in this one thread.*Clears t ...2011.09.01 01:53:00
- UPDATE: MOTHER ****ER! I just learned that killing enemies in the opening sequence counts! There ...2011.08.31 04:36:00
- Edited by: Culmen on 31/08/2011 04:10:14 Been playing the game alot more now, and i ran into a bad ...2011.08.31 03:46:00
- The first part of the video was. "OH WOW LIBYA SHOVES LOTS OF MONEY AT IT'S PEOPLE" It's like Liby ...2011.08.29 08:19:00
- .(oo). ...2011.08.29 03:14:00
- INB4 The Americans who will post that this why you need to have guns so you could machine gun him to ...2011.08.29 03:06:00
- dog is alre ...2011.08.29 02:06:00
- Loving the game so far.I never thought talking down someone could be so fun. I mean screw the fact ...2011.08.29 01:07:00
- I used to have a Chinese girlfriend - I'm really surprised the Chinese Government would be bothered ...2011.08.24 12:31:00
- Edited by: Culmen on 21/08/2011 14:48:23 You know you could have done this in a much less emasculat ...2011.08.21 02:51:00
- If you can't listen to dubstep. I suggest you watch dubstep instead. ...2011.08.20 09:26:00
- Edited by: Culmen on 17/08/2011 13:32:58 I've flown back and forth in/and out of the US and Asia fo ...2011.08.17 13:31:00

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