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- The backlog and fixes would be the best release ever ...2010.12.14 06:02:00
- KAOS. Is not recruiting, but you can join these guys and be close to us. ...2008.11.18 06:43:00
- Edited by: Tarphon on 04/10/2007 08:29:07 Very nice tribute TRI, my deepest condolences and sympath ...2007.10.04 08:29:00
- NO no no no... The problem is you forgot to cook, women see a man build a fire they expect a good m ...2007.09.14 01:47:00
- *snip* Please do not spam - Valorem ...2007.09.09 03:42:00
- Sorry to hear about your loss Sundering, corp and alliance thieves are scum. Villwrath and his alts ...2007.06.08 03:38:00
- ... paltars drinking again... a large build man flying down a pavement scraming joust me on an off ...2007.06.06 09:58:00
- FLA are like that guy that just wont stop getting up, over and over and over they will be back. If y ...2007.04.18 05:29:00
- I'm still waiting for the post about how those aren't very impressive stats, "tbh".Maybe to start th ...2007.04.15 01:41:00
- Well I cant say GL because your shooting blues, but you seem to be shooting some reds too, hmmm... ...2007.04.12 19:38:00
- Thank God...oh wait!!Can you please war dec EVE Animal Control, its just rude to leave them out... j ...2007.04.01 01:10:00
- Great service, quick delevery, I can run faster AND jump higher now!!! Hey whats this doing down he ...2007.03.11 17:22:00
- Can't we all just....whats that, are you sure... umm... nevermind... I guess we can't Well gl TRI, u ...2007.03.11 00:26:00

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