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- Why does Artemis keep sending me to these links? ...2010.12.10 20:13:00
- Just in case you haven't heard it enough Florida! I will now join the masses of Floridians ...2010.12.10 01:56:00
- Since I live in Melbourne, Florida, it's almost mandatory that I join! ...2010.12.05 15:34:00
- Eve Uni pretty much runs those systems. They are totally pirate-free. ...2010.11.19 00:55:00
- Anyone who knows the Space P0lice know they gained their combat experience regulating Eve Uni raider ...2010.06.06 21:04:00
- OMG this is sheer f'ing genius. I have waited years for this (and several beers along with Jameson ...2009.11.29 23:26:00
- Mr. Rose has done wonderful things to my e-peen...I mean for my e-peen. And I am in no way associat ...2009.10.24 04:27:00
- Just a warning...GRENADIERSIMPSON just joined my hockey team and when I loaned him my favorite stick ...2009.07.31 13:24:00
- Forget the video (which is frikkin' awesome in its own right), the script and plot line are great an ...2009.05.18 22:18:00
- Well I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled and still get the message that I am running an incom ...2009.03.07 22:34:00

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