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- that approximation-graph is kinda scary ...2011.04.10 14:06:00
- the last time sniper eagles were useful, was the time of 150-200km BS fleets. with changes to probin ...2011.02.28 20:07:00
- go on. proceed. ... if you feel lucky. ...2011.02.23 14:14:00
- Faction cruisers and frigates are limited in usefulness. They cannot be purchased by new players unl ...2010.06.11 09:03:00
- LOLz ^ like it...By all accounts im not saying seed tranq like sisi, what I am saying is to open the ...2010.06.09 09:03:00
- If you carry too much cargo, you WILL be suicide ganked. In other words, a freighter can't do what ...2010.06.09 08:57:00
- truncated content ...2010.05.31 14:48:00
- Another thing worth mentioning is Red Versus Blue. These are two corps constantly at war with each o ...2010.05.31 07:11:00
- I would strongly suggest that you train for minmatar and open angel & serpentis ships and pretty muc ...2010.05.29 16:53:00
- Anyting with a heavy neut will give them a hard time. or anything with 2 or 3 range-disrupting TDs ...2010.05.25 18:16:00
- why is no one fitting an AB?from my experience an AB is the single-most important tool when it comes ...2010.05.25 18:13:00
- i don't want to be the buzzkill ... but in your case i'd sell you said yourself - you're quite ...2010.05.24 06:42:00
- im still adamant that bang for buck the cane is vastly superior for its role. The munin hits hard ...2010.05.14 11:09:00
- i guess in the long-run it might be better to use a T3 cruiser. you can get a good tank, reasonable ...2010.05.09 19:58:00
- Also u are suggesting a close range HAC with NO FRIKIN TACKLE...that's a waste and a KM whor-ing t ...2010.05.03 07:00:00

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