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- Thanks for taking a look.I am looking for some way in Eve, to log and record what the NPC's say to m ...2007.12.16 03:54:00
- Yes I looked thereI need a 3.2 for him to talk to me.Is what it says, my current is 2.9, I am pushin ...2007.12.12 20:47:00
- I have been running missions in Ikami,The standing to Agents I have access to is moving, but to the ...2007.12.12 18:25:00
- My concern is this,Say these groups have 20 accounts per person, and there are 500 groups. That's ab ...2005.12.15 15:37:00
- Ok,Will there be a 2nd Server starting anytime soon?As a new player to EVE, and there seems to be al ...2005.12.13 19:58:00
- Is there to be a new Server opening on the 15th as well?Lee ...2005.12.13 09:59:00

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