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- send to Fenderson pls ...2011.06.08 21:10:00
- one for this character, one for Dreysine.will be available for about an hour from the time of this p ...2011.06.08 13:02:00
- one for Fenderson pls ...2011.03.31 23:02:00
- yes pls ...2010.12.16 00:59:00
- i'll take it if its still available. ...2010.12.16 00:55:00
- send to Dreysine please ...2010.08.26 12:22:00
- so it sounds like we have zero pvp improvements anywhere on the horizon until at least 2012, other t ...2010.07.20 22:37:00
- The 23 is *FNORD*quoted for fnord ...2010.06.24 19:10:00
- Dubsteb is some good stuff. My former roommate is a dubstep DJ, so i got a good intro to the genre ...2010.06.02 14:51:00
- i will never own a console again, but i would certainly buy DUST if a PC version was released. i mi ...2010.05.25 19:52:00
- just wanted to say congrats on 19 pages of completely wasted space and effort. way to beat that dea ...2010.05.19 19:15:00
- if you really mean that a feature is delayed indefinitely, then why not just say "this feature is de ...2010.05.17 19:00:00
- i can easily run 2 clients on my lappie on low-mid settings. i have a dual core 1.3 ghz with 2.5mb ...2010.05.11 20:22:00
- Loki Proteus interceptors (the ones with the warp disruptor bonus) drake hurricane ishtar ...2010.04.30 19:25:00
- as a public service, someone should keep a running total of the number of threads started that are i ...2010.04.23 17:01:00

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