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- You will not advance one inch into Geminate.Your failure will be public and painful.WIdot is coming ...2011.02.17 00:47:00
- Duke Droklar = Istvaan Shogaatsu? Seriously, were it not for the fact that I was certain he had lef ...2011.02.16 06:35:00
- Happy Burfday guys..althoughtechnically your older :)i remember when you were interstellar elite Act ...2011.02.01 09:02:00
- When I was in Omega Corp, there were two corps we regularly saw and didn't shoot cause we actually l ...2010.10.17 08:00:00
- You guys still got toon33? ...2010.09.11 10:55:00
- TRIGGER... lumpy... your lazy. ...2010.09.02 01:14:00
- Mostly UK, but we have some US TZ'ers. including me when I finally get civlant internet. ...2010.08.29 16:02:00
- Welcome back Lets say you an' me go bust up a gate camp in HED-GP for old time's sake? ...2010.08.23 12:17:00
- And just think, I used to be such a forum *****... ...2010.08.22 12:19:00
- ╔══╗╔══╗╔═══╗╔&# ...2010.08.18 13:11:00
- Am I the only person left watching this? Lumpy, I'm gunna smack you till your lumpy... ...2010.08.16 23:00:00
- Bump for some of my favorite old C4 Targ... er... buddies? Yeah... Anyway, they were laways fun i ...2010.08.16 22:58:00
- Edited by: Bared Bel''Medar on 15/08/2010 15:28:03 Pothole... Newish Channel is MASS pub. ...2010.08.15 15:27:00
- a bump for a good corp from The Raven Warriors and ex-SA brosWell, thanks for the bump! ...2010.08.12 13:54:00
- I practically feel obliged to bumb a bunch of former m0olings... ...2010.08.12 13:52:00

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