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- I wish the players could fire one ccp staffer a year for being a moron, because Greyscale would get ...2011.03.30 18:28:00
- This change will end my subscription to Eve Online (no, you can't have my ****). The only valid reas ...2011.03.30 16:02:00
- Yoou wrong, it is only the newcomers to 0.0 aka the whiners who dont want the change. We who played ...2011.03.30 14:44:00
- Nice reply Greyscale. All you've manage to do was solidify the image of how clueless you really are ...2011.03.30 14:29:00
- I've been playing since 2003 (albeit on and off). I've lived in Empire, I've lived in 0.0, have been ...2011.03.30 14:00:00

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