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- After so many years playing eve i deeply think about quitting now. The latest nerfs really suck and ...2011.05.11 11:58:00
- Yes there are many ways to make more isk. But it all depends on your way of playing eve. Move yo ...2011.04.07 13:41:00
- Why removing something which saves time and probably brings customer to all those high sec carebears ...2011.04.05 15:32:00
- A corp hangar would be a very nice idea because eve is a game for teams, not a personal activity./su ...2011.03.30 08:51:00
- Fix alchemy and dont nerf sanctums. Žnuff said. ...2011.03.28 15:06:00
- I know i have a bpo in one of my hundred boxes, i also know the box id from api. But how do i know ...2011.03.25 14:11:00
- scars are really important, while you clone jump from one body to the next ... ...2011.03.22 12:57:00
- Edited by: Aphrodite Skripalle on 22/03/2011 12:21:34 As ccp always states (you can read that every ...2011.03.22 12:21:00
- Practically if you want to improve your mining income, dont waste skills on mining-drones. You wil ...2011.03.16 13:16:00
- You will become rich if you are able to manage serve those regions without getting killed. ...2011.03.15 09:09:00
- This is a nice flowchart. There is lots of more to add on this one, specially on scamming there is r ...2011.03.14 13:49:00
- You have only ended eve level 1. Noob. ...2011.03.14 13:45:00
- I am watching rats on customs offices. I cannot see my shields while doing PI.-> lost a cheap indus ...2011.03.11 12:30:00
- Edited by: Aphrodite Skripalle on 11/03/2011 12:17:11 I am pretty sure that i have once seen a mamm ...2011.03.11 12:16:00
- You can also start skilling directly for ice mining inside a mackinaw. This is a slightly different ...2011.03.09 14:09:00

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