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- Edited by: LoveDaddy on 24/10/2010 15:36:48 100 isk, half eaten tunnock tea cake and a dry hump of ...2010.10.24 15:35:00
- Victim: T'Amber Corp: starvald emurlahn Alliance: Unknown Faction: Unknown Destroyed: Ishtar Sy ...2010.10.23 14:57:00
- Edited by: LoveDaddy on 20/09/2010 21:35:54 :(...noooooo LoveDaddy > ahhh well u can be all good t ...2010.09.20 21:35:00
- I heard owning SOE shares made you more of a manly man......bit like handle bar tashes, shouting at ...2010.08.18 21:33:00
- hit me up in game, ill give u a hand. Currently missioning near Amarr trade hub.i can help u get som ...2010.05.27 15:15:00
- this is gonna rock....I bet it involves covering jita 4-4 in a giants sombrero and naked dancing rou ...2010.05.24 13:18:00
- AHHAHAHAHAHHA.....T'Amber Buys my Vote!Any chance of you running for priminister here in Britain, we ...2010.05.02 16:38:00
- TY t amber...was fun...2009.08.09 18:52:00Victim: T'Amber Corp: starvald emurlahn Alliance: NONE ...2009.08.09 19:01:00
- SHIPS OF EVE WAS HERE \(̪●)/Thanks for organising the race....had a great blast. Had to ...2009.08.02 13:06:00
- /me facepalms for not buying one last time.Not missing out this time...Good luck all. ...2009.07.24 14:05:00

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