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- Occupying a system should mean something. There should be some real effects. However, we feel that ...2008.09.06 09:47:00
- Excellent service, tyvm. ...2008.04.27 12:21:00
- This years winner ...2008.04.01 18:07:00
- Sound decent?Drop the BCS for a second OD. It only gives you about 4 DPS, but loses alot of speed. I ...2008.03.30 14:20:00
- I'm currently in the process of crosstraining Caldari in order to get this Inty, since my damn Minma ...2008.03.30 14:11:00
- Not very learned regarding Titans, but here's a thought:30x Avatar = 7.5% x 29 bonus to cap recharge ...2008.03.23 18:41:00
- Agreed. Just because 99% of the stuff on the forums are whine doesn't mean there aren't people who a ...2008.03.13 18:28:00
- None is as clean as Mine! I beg to differ. :PDesktop ...2008.02.20 20:12:00
- Thanks for Ripping Off my advertising layout... ...2008.02.11 15:46:00
- I recommend you just get used to getting GTCs, since CCP decided to "improve" the CC thing, I haven' ...2008.02.05 21:04:00

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