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- Problem is that I would like to skill up to an all-in-one exploration ship (Vexor-Ishtar-Gila--->Ten ...2011.07.11 09:17:00
- Low sec exploration has it's own cons and pros. If you go to low sec to run radars or magneto it me ...2011.07.02 09:28:00
- Exploration Almanacthis blog about 1 year old and outdated in few areas, but it still may give you s ...2011.06.26 11:25:00
- We tried to probe a previously unprobeable Tengu fleet booster, and the best we could get was 72% wi ...2011.06.22 20:00:00
- That would keep the risk for carebears & lure them into low-secAnd what those "carebears" suppose to ...2011.06.22 19:24:00
- It's a shame that era has passed, but at the same time, it's an instructive lesson about what can re ...2011.06.22 12:12:00
- using 6 RSS (better than sister)RSS combat probes? Interesting. When they been introduced?Haven't ...2011.06.21 20:09:00
- Use an unprobeable t3 shipbetter hurry...too late... ...2011.06.21 19:56:00
- One of the reason I watched Tournament was short presence of CCP Hammer. And he had brought very val ...2011.06.21 19:51:00
- Possible solution: Put some modules off line to release CPU and be able to bring expanded probe lau ...2011.06.21 18:52:00
- Do I miss something? I haven't made any explorations in hi sec lately.No more 4/10 in hi sec? No ...2011.06.21 18:41:00
- Patch notes: Scanning All probes can now contribute to a scan result, as opposed to the previo ...2011.06.21 18:22:00
- So there's no marked improvement after 150 Sensor 130 sig?150 sig / 130 strengthI may be just a bit ...2011.06.21 18:00:00
- So, it doesn't matter if you fit 2 or 4 EECM on T3 now. With full Vitrue set I have scanned Tengu fi ...2011.06.21 17:56:00
- Edited by: 5nipe on 21/06/2011 17:22:22 Also, can you tell me how easy it is to scan things out wi ...2011.06.21 17:21:00

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