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- I kind of enjoyed them but it seems these days its mostly chronicles that are coming this b ...2011.05.09 03:10:00
- So if you petition a lot without abusing it you're treated the same as someone who rarely petitions? ...2011.05.06 12:03:00
- For example, if I made 100 petitions last week versus 0, does CCP treat future petitions any differe ...2011.05.06 10:11:00
- I'll take:3x Medium Railgun Battery ME 0, PE 0 npc-price: 50mil/ 2x Large Pulse Laser Battery ME 0, ...2011.04.11 04:34:00
- truncated content ...2011.03.18 15:14:00
- I wish...I could skip the industry job confirm window I could skip the factory select window (just ...2011.03.14 08:16:00
- Does anyone have an updated table of import/export costs? I've seen them around but they all seem to ...2011.03.14 05:37:00
- So I've read some of the guides and gotten a rough idea of how everything works, still had a couple ...2011.03.14 03:38:00
- How do you plan on preventing fraud? ...2011.03.09 23:39:00
- Can anyone humor me and explain how this is fundamentally any different (for scammers) from just mak ...2009.04.11 08:17:00
- You all do realize that this thread is basically full of people bragging "I make $8/day." Better yet ...2009.04.04 19:15:00
- EVE is a World Simulator. Its not worth discussing ingame economy and workings if this is not an ag ...2009.04.04 19:00:00
- Only stupid greedy people get scammed. If you're smart and greedy, the tiniest bit of paranoia will ...2009.04.02 09:05:00
- DESIGNATION: LIBERTY PRIME"Death is a preferable alternative to communism" ...2009.04.02 00:05:00
- Perhaps I should have been more clear. When I said grant them access to the POS Holding Corp, I mea ...2009.04.01 07:09:00

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