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- I want to create a new character to fly a specific kind of ship and use only a few modules (not many ...2007.12.18 02:01:00
- Is it important to have the smartbombs go off at a different time like you said? I would think that ...2007.12.04 00:16:00
- How do you turn on all your smartbombs at once? ...2007.12.02 00:24:00
- My favorite **** star is Carmen Luvana. My favorite Jewish woman is Brooke Burke. My favorite black ...2007.08.30 18:48:00
- isn't there a thread like this already? Stop making the same topics ...2007.08.30 02:05:00
- Good luck to you. What are you going to major in? Computer Science? Please tell me its not math, its ...2007.08.28 20:04:00
- I have a main character with about 18mil but I haven't done much of sentry tanking in low sec so I c ...2007.08.26 05:52:00
- Just wondering, how many Americans compared to Europeans do you have and what time do you usually pv ...2007.07.30 05:28:00
- How long does it take you from going to -10 to -1.9? That must take a week of ratting or more. Can y ...2007.07.21 18:42:00

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