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- half a metric tonne of cornor instead,half a tonne of wheat200 kg of Riceand each of those commoditi ...2011.06.23 19:11:00
- i gots no Facetbook either, but i know, if this hits interwebs, this thread will instagrow 50 pages, ...2011.05.29 15:19:00
- Patch contains content. MUST be April Fools message ...2011.04.05 11:16:00
- (windows XP,32 bit) tried to access Sisi today. Same problem,posted several times here. Make it to s ...2011.01.13 18:53:00
- Don't listen to them, as long as you show them the Pics, they will run. ...2011.01.06 17:34:00
- Minmatar Server, What did you expect it to do?Seriously, don't duct tape some IPhone4 together, and ...2010.08.18 10:15:00
- For two days now, I am flying with a collegue, clearing cl.2 and cl.3 Wh-Anomalies.Getting really ba ...2010.08.03 12:10:00
- Just to clarify: this weekend, our cl.2 WH has been invaded by a 150-160 man fleet,(with about 50 BS ...2010.07.20 10:45:00
- 6 weeks into the game, I learned all this, in my first attempt to conquer low sec: 1. Myrmidons are ...2010.05.01 13:58:00
- Nice background music, What is it? And good luck with the funny. ...2010.04.25 13:24:00
- ehm, just so i get this straight.Somebody made a bookmark, you need to "overshoot"warp to the furthe ...2010.04.17 02:02:00
- Edited by: Mack Bane on 31/03/2010 11:25:41 IMHO Insurance should handle like this:T1 ships: 80-90% ...2010.03.31 11:14:00
- Hmmh, I thought, PhysX runs om PS3, Xbox360,and PC. So, that makes it a cross-platform feature. Now, ...2010.03.17 01:43:00
- Me Likey this one. Lots of possibilities, and fast there.he is ...2010.02.25 00:17:00
- 1xTargeted Heavy 1xHeavy Assault 1xTorpedo To: Mack Bane, please. ...2010.02.18 15:04:00

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