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- Seeing as the guy is flying Amarr, lets not confuse him too much.The Prophecy is an amazing mission ...2011.08.11 22:15:00
- Seen some great portraits in local in Tash Murkon Prime ...2011.01.19 01:46:00
- Snooze, i cant believe it, The poem that you wrote. To me it says alot, About what you havent g ...2009.07.14 15:07:00
- Edited by: Koryvarn on 13/07/2009 13:30:14 Fa.en is probably a swear word in Icelandic. "For Fa.en" ...2009.07.13 13:29:00
- A sacrilege could work, as could a shield tanked curse with Missile launchers.You're best of trainin ...2009.06.26 15:33:00
- So we killed a Rorqual the other day. The only question is, why aren't you on the kill mail? (I was ...2009.06.18 03:35:00
- A late US tz bump. X up if you love drunken ops or RR BS gangs. Hell, X up if you don't. ...2009.06.16 04:09:00
- What CCP should do is shard within the current world. Imagine a new pocket of space being discovered ...2009.05.26 18:05:00
- Edited by: Koryvarn on 22/05/2009 22:29:42 Kaasa, I fly for an Amarr agent, though missions tend to ...2009.05.22 22:27:00
- It's possible to do most lvl 4's in any of the tier 2 BC's. Drake, Myrm, Harbinger, Cane. You could ...2009.05.22 18:10:00
- Bump me up, before you go go.A recent API check revealed the following Average SPs - 39,990,239 (ou ...2008.12.16 01:28:00
- Bumpety Bump167 kills in week 49, including a Freighter we found wandering in 0.0 with almost no esc ...2008.12.07 21:23:00
- Up we go.120 kills since Monday, this week is almost like christmas come early!Can you say pew pew p ...2008.12.05 04:42:00
- A different noobship would be nice. ...2008.11.25 20:02:00
- The best solution to the learning skill problem is giving all characters all the basic learning skil ...2008.11.17 03:34:00

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