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- New EOH player here as of last night.I found the account creation process on their site easy, and wi ...2011.07.19 13:23:00
- Just wanted to say I joined up a few days ago and they are very friendly and helpful. They helped m ...2011.06.27 12:21:00
- To the Original Poster (OP) I "HAD" ;-) a 70 Lock in WOW and I absolutely loved him. The thing I l ...2007.09.19 14:30:00
- Great guide. I gained alot of good info from this guide and I would definetly say it is worthy of a ...2007.09.16 09:55:00
- Closed. Thank you for your messages. Found a new home. ...2007.05.19 17:22:00
- Please evemail me if you would be willing to let me join your ranks. I have TS and Vent. I just ca ...2007.05.19 10:23:00

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