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- Shoot the DUST mercs in the face, steal their guns and then NUKE themwhile being very drunk ofc ...2010.03.25 01:03:00
- This is one heck of a setup you have, I am sure you will find a solution. You better, losing T2 ship ...2010.03.03 03:52:00
- Your post reminded me of my drunken drivel years past - ah the good old days. Given that your fit se ...2010.03.03 03:11:00
- Edited by: Sinnbad Mayhem on 01/03/2010 04:58:42 Sounds like he was dual prop. Bit surprised he did ...2010.03.01 04:55:00
- Maller / Caracal might work. Maller = tank. Caracal = range ship (maybe damps). If no webs then mayb ...2010.03.01 04:41:00
- 9600GT - low/med settings 4890 - Med/High settings8600GT was great for the old client but now its o ...2010.03.01 00:33:00
- if only he said, sorry I don't have any Titans for you to blow up no idea whats that worth, but drop ...2009.12.31 03:10:00
- -Both tests -Windows XP, SP3, Fully Patched -Intel E8400 -Nvidia 8800GT (OC) -4GB RAM -45FPS - ...2009.08.30 21:07:00
- Very enjoyable event both days. Lag was barely noticeable and the fleet was well behaved. Hopefully ...2009.08.30 20:40:00
- Edited by: Sinnbad Mayhem on 06/08/2008 06:51:53No. On Sisi, every tackler with a web has a scram. S ...2008.08.06 06:45:00
- Edited by: Lilith Velkor on 06/08/2008 05:22:05At the moment I disagree. A non-nanoed ship with an A ...2008.08.06 06:17:00
- This patch is awesome. Vagabonds and Rapiers dropping in price on TQ. Gee I wonder why...Yes, yes. C ...2008.08.06 05:59:00
- Good luck when you hit a bubble doing 800m/s ...2008.08.01 00:04:00
- Edited by: Sinnbad Mayhem on 27/06/2008 12:59:52 I have decided to cancel my search. Thanks to ever ...2008.06.27 12:24:00
- Edited by: Sinnbad Mayhem on 27/06/2008 13:10:21 ...2008.06.26 13:47:00

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