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- this project is based on bitcoin code and allow ppl to work and get .bit domains http://dot-bit.or ...2011.05.27 22:14:00
- now that IS will be in EvE, how will be this items on kill mails ? will be mixed whit other items or ...2011.05.27 14:09:00
- I'm replying to you with my edit, so you don't miss it. Losing clothes on pod destruction seems ra ...2011.05.27 13:40:00
- If it is in your pod (ie, wearing it), nothing survives being podded. impossible because you are na ...2011.05.27 13:36:00
- We are contacting you to remind you that according to our records you ONLY have 23 hours left on y ...2011.05.27 13:20:00
- all worl top super computers combined got 43673 Tflops ...2011.05.27 08:54:00
- difficulty just got at 434882.72175 a 78% increase ...2011.05.27 07:27:00
- The attacks added to a growing wave of violent incidents carried out by citizens expressing their di ...2011.05.26 21:57:00
- hmm... you think is the right email address to make sure the idea goes to the righ ...2011.05.26 20:25:00
- seams the productivity crap got mad some ppl in spain (romania /facepalm )link ...2011.05.26 19:00:00
- Edited by: ceaon on 26/05/2011 18:43:20I am a little confused why you'd say it was a management deci ...2011.05.26 18:37:00
- MtGox intl plan to offer margin trading and options In the coming months we'll use the new backend t ...2011.05.26 18:33:00
- And all of this is why bitcoins could inject more fun and excitement into EVE. because will eat all ...2011.05.26 17:33:00
- Edited by: ceaon on 26/05/2011 17:27:00 1) use this before you patch le game how to give read per ...2011.05.26 17:16:00
- le jpg le videoenjoy ...2011.05.26 13:49:00

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