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- hmm, ok. why didn't the search find anything relevant about this?or maybe i was just more blind tha ...2011.03.28 15:21:00
- anyone tried to activate this and got an error back? i assume it's normal to get an error and that ...2011.03.28 15:13:00
- While your messing with the fittings, can we also have more than 50 corp fittings? If you want to h ...2011.03.15 19:11:00
- no comments at all? good or bad. ...2010.10.30 13:23:00
- to continue on the custom grouping idea, "strip fitting" could place all mods in the a new group nam ...2010.10.24 14:25:00
- UI: more room for corp fittings 50 is way too few, a couple of hundred is better.UI: make fitting ...2010.10.24 14:22:00
- Edited by: Jesho on 29/12/2010 12:12:15 For some time now i've been collecting a some ideas that i ...2010.10.24 14:19:00
- there are several UI issues. on pos manage screen in production tab all you get as buttons is PUT n ...2010.09.30 21:54:00
- one thing about the petition rating system that's been bugging me all the time (and the reason for n ...2010.06.25 20:56:00
- I'm an angry panda.Same here, considering stopping with PI until its fixed properly. PI should neve ...2010.06.19 12:29:00
- there is more bugs. i had one hightech processor waiting for just one material, material arrived an ...2010.06.19 10:47:00
- i believe part of the problem is that when you change the schematic in a reactor old routes to/from ...2010.06.13 14:54:00
- would be nice with a way of upgrading without destroying the old one. takes a while to set things u ...2010.06.13 12:29:00
- i think you have hit the bug where the extractors time keeps resetting at DT. ...2010.06.13 12:19:00
- there is more bugs, time left on extractors keeps resetting at DT. but i don't mind :)that explains ...2010.06.13 12:00:00

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