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- Come on surely we can get more than this in terms of positive responses? Maybe if I bump this thread ...2011.06.24 01:55:00
- Devalt detectedNot a devalt, I just want to know if there's a significant number of players still us ...2011.06.23 18:23:00
- Turrets ...2011.06.23 17:21:00
- There's a thread with a thousand people and counting telling CCP that they've disabled Captains Quar ...2011.06.23 17:09:00
- One of the problems I see with the Rokh as a rail sniper is that it's very easy to set up for long r ...2011.06.20 23:19:00
- Some easy balance changes * Mining barges & exhumers warp at 6AU/Sec - reduce this to 3AU/Sec like e ...2011.06.12 10:01:00
- Two things. 2) The NC's problems with the current war has reduced supplyBut... don't these boosters ...2011.06.06 18:55:00
- Sure I'd alredu thought of these possibilities, and there's also the hulk pilots getting killed by s ...2011.06.06 14:50:00
- Gisti B-Type and Pithi C-Type Small Shield boosters used to sell for 20-30million - now the price is ...2011.06.06 13:44:00
- I've never understood why the undocking goes to a black screen with a progress bar while every other ...2011.04.29 18:00:00
- Urgh...Let's be honest, there's nothing NPC jamming that actually adds to the game in any way.Be car ...2011.04.13 19:02:00
- Heavy assault missiles are MEANT to be used on cruiser and battlecruiser sized hulls. Assault missil ...2011.04.13 18:39:00
- Bleh - mission is easy enough, but the mission mechanics are broken for those people who have friend ...2011.03.21 03:11:00
- I'm pretty sure that this thread needs a link to this video showing a 5 year old little girl flying ...2011.02.05 13:47:00
- That would do nothing to fix the problem. All the person would have to do is set the minimum vol ...2011.02.03 05:58:00

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