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- Ingame public channel: DOANE_HELPLooking for all types of members, all timezones. Really looking for ...2011.01.14 02:44:00
- To the top still looking for more pilots in all timezones. Please don't fill out the mainsite app. P ...2011.01.13 04:30:00
- DOANE is still looking for more people!Please go to our site and fill out an app on the forums (NOT ...2011.01.11 23:33:00
- Looking for more people in all timezones. Please fill out of app on our forums if interested. Join ...2011.01.11 02:23:00
- MOAR PEOPLERecruitment still open. ...2011.01.10 04:13:00
- Still looking for more people in all timezones!!! Be warned that submitting an app on the main-site ...2011.01.06 22:46:00
- Looks for more PvPers and Indy in all TimeZones!!! Join channel DOANE_HELP today for more informatio ...2011.01.05 00:41:00
- DOANE is currently looking to improve its US TZ IndyWing and PvP Wing! Requirements: All Pilots ar ...2011.01.02 00:45:00
- DOANE is looking for more active US TZ members! See above 2 post for perks! Indy and PVP welcome!!J ...2010.12.24 00:50:00
- DOANE is looking to improve its US TZ PVP Wings and Indy Wings. EURO TZ welcome as well. Looking for ...2010.12.23 05:10:00
- Edited by: Gnulpie on 16/12/2010 16:55:24 I hope this is all work in progress... because:A) I want ...2010.12.16 19:42:00
- DOANE is currently looking to improve its US TZ IndyWing! Requirements: Pilots are expected to hav ...2010.12.15 23:56:00
- Edited by: Telore Dragonsun on 14/12/2010 23:28:59 Edited by: Cambarus on 10/12/2010 05:31:27 Hoor ...2010.12.14 23:28:00
- MOAR MOAR MOARLooking for all TimeZones! Corp has its own personal ratting and mining grounds for is ...2010.12.09 22:44:00
- MOARRR! We are in the process of cutting the fat from the corp and need new cows! All timezones welc ...2010.12.08 23:43:00

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