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- All that CCP and the CSM will do is talk. Haven't CCP already said that they're not interested in wh ...2011.06.29 20:05:00
- Last remaining sub of 3 runs out in 4 days.Might return at some point in the future when they have c ...2011.06.28 23:00:00
- Slicer - kills most frigates when fitted and flown properly and can take on a number of larger ships ...2011.05.23 22:16:00
- Hmm I don't ask for much but I just wanna be able to spin my 'Captains Quarters' like I currently sp ...2011.04.29 00:07:00
- Where is the pod room? you know the one shown at fanfest two years in a row?I want my pod room: (Log ...2011.04.23 22:18:00
- Edited by: Vixisti on 17/04/2011 18:20:38 Slicer gets my vote, tank it, and fit tracking rigs. If y ...2011.04.17 18:15:00
- Skill in eve could be defined as a mixture of knowledge, guile and the ability to do the right thing ...2011.03.26 20:22:00
- 1. the Navy Osprey sucksAll the "tier 1" faction cruisers suck.2. The pirate faction ships are bette ...2011.03.21 22:31:00
- If you're new to solo pvp start off in frigates. Punisher or Slicer are good starting ships to learn ...2011.03.21 22:26:00
- Amazing how many people in this thread assume that people only fly bs's.....Also ideas like add 50% ...2011.03.21 22:22:00
- Came across a Dram pilot the other day who constantly uses a Kitsune/Falcon alt. I thought that comb ...2011.03.13 15:54:00
- I've lived in lowsec for 3 or 4 years now, before that I lived in 0.0.The way I see it is that if 0. ...2011.03.11 15:06:00
- Nerd rage AND some ******ed fits as a bonus. This thread delivers. ...2011.03.07 00:52:00
- Station camping games are boring anyway, perhaps when your quarry dock up and ignore you for a few h ...2011.03.05 09:03:00
- To the OP, the main reason people play Eve is fun believe it or not, where people find their fun is ...2011.03.03 15:07:00

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