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- ah akita, good to see you are still long winded and wrong ...2009.05.23 19:56:00
- Menod has been mayor since before fnog was emperor ...2009.05.23 19:54:00
- curse the save face command but dude! your face Where have you been? not seen you trollin' much lat ...2009.05.23 19:48:00
- curse the save face command but dude! your face ...2009.05.21 04:53:00
- ninja'd you blane ...2009.05.21 04:50:00
- All of life is forged from here, yet from its beauty, our legacy began. our ancestors struggled with ...2009.05.21 04:49:00
- I can't believe people have left out the obligatory meme...Dude, your face! ...2009.05.21 04:42:00
- "instanced" is a word that will bring you pain and destruction on these forums, much like "i got sui ...2009.05.09 15:06:00
- Edited by: Tortun Nahme on 09/05/2009 15:03:28 sigh, I've been gone too long, the amateur trolls ha ...2009.05.09 15:02:00
- no, nothing fails as badly as second life ...2009.01.04 18:58:00
- nope that was never true, and i am gonna keep posting till somone agrees wit me.Yet the sun only has ...2009.01.04 18:56:00
- failtroll is fail ...2009.01.02 09:59:00
- what part of "rejoin" didn't make sense? if your last day was trial time, im pretty sure thats not r ...2008.12.24 03:11:00
- its probably because the tighter pirates killed off all the ones that could fight back, srysly ...2008.12.23 04:35:00
- I think the first video had more to do with how much lasers suck ...2008.12.23 04:26:00

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