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- Probably not. Vanity was never my thing, but If I get the chance, I'll probably buy militant clothes ...2011.06.23 06:16:00
- -Watched virtual tv for a little bit. -Tried walking around a bit. Control wasn't too fun, but mayb ...2011.06.23 06:14:00
- First she creates a song called friday, and now she steals an orca on wednesday! Rebecca is at it ag ...2011.06.09 02:18:00
- Better yet, you could train Weapons Upgrades skill and lower the cpu cost of weapons. Then you can d ...2011.05.26 16:23:00
- Disagreed. I much prefer changing system sec status. ...2010.08.23 07:40:00
- Edited by: Exordium8 on 14/07/2010 15:42:07 I once lost a Drake in a mission when I was but a noob. ...2010.07.14 16:00:00
- Supported, but i want it modified.Personally, I'd prefer the deviation to be greater the farther you ...2010.07.07 19:56:00
- Device. Its a thing, it does stuff. ...2010.06.14 04:43:00
- When i first went to 0.0, all I could do was fly a hulk, and as good as this is, its totally useless ...2010.06.13 23:01:00
- See, this could be fiction if there were characters. the plot is here. ...2010.06.02 16:03:00
- Congrats to ccp for giving me less reasons to fly BC's and BS's in pvp. Those of us that don't spend ...2010.05.31 07:45:00
- I open the bidding with 10,000 ISK for can flipping. ...2010.05.28 03:33:00

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