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- If however you want your POS to operate through a wardec you could do worse than look at this thread ...2011.05.19 19:16:00
- Supported ...2011.01.15 20:33:00
- Supported ...2011.01.15 20:31:00
- One question. If the additional 12 base points and learning bonus would make skilling crazy fast, w ...2010.11.25 12:16:00
- Beware CCP, naked greed can kill a game faster than bugs (ref Allods) and many people see microtrans ...2010.11.22 23:28:00
- Kassie Kelmar, 1,3,17,19,25,32,33,45,92,96,113,130,135,142,176,199,201. ...2010.11.14 17:28:00
- What i would like to know:Of items which have T2 BPOs still in game, what percentage of the last yea ...2010.11.12 17:45:00
- The new command centres have been seeded and there appears to be no change in the extraction rates f ...2010.10.15 18:14:00
- How are you playing with PI? there are no command centers on market currently.... :(Have a bunch of ...2010.10.14 02:02:00
- First i suggest CCP should seed the new command centres as soon as possible so they can get more fee ...2010.10.14 01:56:00
- @CamoisWould be on there now playing with it, but my connection fails during bulk data gathering and ...2010.10.13 17:19:00
- Unable to logon to Sisi on any of my accounts, connection is terminated during bulkdata gathering, p ...2010.10.13 17:10:00
- Edited by: kassie kelmar on 13/10/2010 17:00:02 Has anyone actually been able to test this on Sisi? ...2010.10.13 16:54:00
- truncated content ...2010.07.14 23:12:00
- truncated content ...2010.07.14 23:05:00

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