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- Summer is a time for holidays, but that does not mean that work on expanding and improving EVE Onlin ...2011.08.28 15:18:00
- i do realise i may 'necro' this topic a bit but want to know if those ships are really are unable to ...2011.08.26 11:14:00
- the way things are rollin' now does make me think CCP hasn't learned their homework regarding 'commu ...2011.07.13 16:51:00
- i just post here because ccp failed to start a topic about today's extended downtime. also, the pat ...2011.07.13 12:01:00
- It is just sad that it takes so much of time to create a response while players are upset, not under ...2011.06.28 13:59:00
- i rather would like to see a 'bubble' as an advanced technique and an invitation to actually try and ...2011.03.22 11:42:00
- well, not just to Bawwwwww more but it really sucks when every time they update the game for some mi ...2010.09.30 16:43:00
- i think that when you move from games like WoW or CoD there is a little 'culture shock' :)playing EV ...2010.07.21 12:03:00
- it would have been great when we are be able to repack stuff. like being in a wormhole there is no o ...2010.07.21 11:17:00
- I'm guessing you first language isn't English, it was hard to decipher your post. He was mixing an ...2010.07.20 19:53:00
- well, im not against this module. infact i embrace a good improvement that adds something good to th ...2010.07.20 16:24:00
- You seem to be confusing an active cloaker, with an afk cloaker.we need to get rid of the whole 'afk ...2010.07.20 15:50:00
- also, removing local won't change anything much for afk cloakers. but perhaps players will be way mo ...2010.07.20 12:01:00
- For me, this crosses the line between playing the game and abusing the game. These things are to 0.0 ...2010.07.20 11:50:00
- it would be great when those 'extended downtimes' stick with those times they display.i missed 1 day ...2010.06.29 15:29:00

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